7 things most people have done at lockdown and haven’t told anyone

Most Brazilians, and in the world, are experiencing quarantine for the first time. The World Health Organization asked everyone to stay at home and only leave in emergencies, when it is unavoidable. The reason for this everyone knows: the new coronavirus. The disease, which was first noticed in the city of Wuhan, China, soon spread to global levels. So that the situation doesn’t go to the extreme, as happened in Italy and some other countries, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible indoors.

And all this time indoors changes not only people’s habits but also their style. As with 2020, this year has not been easy. And we are still at home most of the time. And sometimes, you have to try to see the bright side of things and try to take advantage of the lockdown so you don’t get stuck.

Lots of people tried out new recipes, started new projects, discovered new hobbies and many other things. Here are some things that a lot of people have probably done and are still doing during this period of confinement.

1 – Bath

When you’re at home, usually alone, showering can feel like a not-so-necessary thing at times. And many people have gone a day without taking a shower. And the thought of “the situation isn’t even that bad” certainly crossed his mind.

2 – Marathon

All day indoors without much to do is the perfect combination to marathon a series. Surely you’ve seen an entire production in less than 48 hours and wanted a new season soon.

3 – Hair

With the salons closed, people had to turn around and get a cut, or at least try to cut their own hair. So much so that the fringe reappeared as a lockdown trend . The good part is that if the cut is bad, no one will see because everyone is inside the house anyway.

4 – Quit a video call

Another lockdown trend was video calling. And with this new reality came other trends as well. For example, who has never lied to get out of a video call? They can make life easier, but when they take too long they are quite tiring and this lie becomes necessary.

5 – Pajamas

The way to dress, or not to dress, was also a big trend. Pajamas, for example, have never been so hot. And sure enough, you’ve already spent a whole day in your pajamas, or maybe even more than a day. Maybe even in pajamas now.

6 – Organize things and have nostalgia

The lockdown also made us face our mess all the time. And maybe because of seeing her all the time, people felt like organizing her house. Along with the organization, there are usually saved memories, photos, concert tickets, all of which makes people nostalgic for the time they lived before the pandemic.

7 – Meals

You’re at home with nothing to do, what comes to mind? I’ll eat something. For sure, this period at home made everyone eat more. And one thing virtually everyone did was eat more than six meals a day. Eating is already a delight and was one of the biggest hobbies of lockdown.