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IFTE 2018 İstanbul

The concept of time saving and efficient transportation have become increasingly vital due to the rise of commercial, social and cultural relations between countries. Having evolved from national to the international dimension, aviation has become animportant industry which is getting greater attention and more appreciation. The growing aviation market has resulted in necessity of qualified staff. In that aspect, institutions and organisations related to flight training have had a major role in training the staff.

IFTE is a unique and privileged event which provides the opportunity of directly appealing the target pilot candidates. IFTE gathered 103 participants from 20 different countries through the support of DGCA of TURKEY. As IFTE, we are proud to present participants as follows: FTO and TRTO companies, spare part suppliers, MRO companies, aircraft manufacturers, simulator developers, aviation academies, flight equipment suppliers, aviation press media, brokers and many others which is related to the aviation industry.

IFTE, sektörde hizmet veren kurum ve kuruluşların uluslararası düzeyde bilinilirliğini arttırarak işbirliği zemini hazırlamak, havacılık eğitimleri ile ilgili tüm detaylı bilgileri son kullanıcıya sunmak, sektörle ilgili gelişmelerden ve fırsatlardan sizleri haberdar etmek için düzenlenen etkili bir platformdur.

IFTE is a brilliant organisation which brings us together as market players of the industry and is a magnificent platform for creating new opportunities in aviation market.